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Satisfied Clients

“I am thankful to you for the professionalism and humanity you displayed in handling my criminal case that just ended with positive outcome. You are truly a lawyer that works hard to get the best results for his client.”

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An Introduction

MENYE MSINDO ATTORNEYS Inc (MMA) is a fast developing medium sized dynamic firm of attorneys, with specialized focus in Corporate and Commercial law, Property law and ordinary Civil litigation.
MMA is owned by previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI’s) who  attended previously disadvantaged institutions but are striving to bring about a greatly renowned change to that past by establishing one of the Law firm specializing in an area of legal practise dominated by the so called “BIG FIRMS”
MA has a passion for excellence continued specialized legal training and skill development. To this end our firm has incorporated (Q. Dube attorneys) with the view of increasing its capacity and the participation and interest of young black attorneys in this specialized area of legal practise.

We have the positive feedback


[dt_sc_testimonial type=”type5″ class=”alignright”]Although I am a very experienced owner and manager of our company, the process of selling is something I have only done once, and it was great to have your guidance throughout every step of a very challenging and stressful experience. Thanks for your calm encouragement when it was most needed. Your ability to keep the process moving and respond so quickly to each bump in the road was truly an advantage for our owners, and I told our outside shareholders how truly fortunate we were to have you on our side. In addition to speed, you have been the most efficient and productive professional services provider our company has ever worked with, and did an excellent job in keeping our costs as low as possible. You are the first attorney in our history that we have ever paid a bonus, and you earned it and probably more.[/dt_sc_testimonial]
[dt_sc_testimonial type=”type5″]You were as experienced and knowledgeable as the two large national law firms working on this transaction for the other parties, and provided service at a level at least equal to theirs (though at a more favorable rate). Through no fault of yours, when other parties caused the timing to slip, you handled this expertly and got the process back on track. You also won the respect of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the party receiving our investment[/dt_sc_testimonial]
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[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-call” title=”Talk to us”]Call: 011 492 3852 [dt_sc_br /] Fax: 011 838 0018[/dt_sc_contact_info]
[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-mail” title=”Mail us @”]info@memsiattorneysinc.com [dt_sc_br /]


[dt_sc_contact_info type=”type2″ icon=”pe-icon pe-map-marker” title=”Our Location”]305 Bram Fisher Towers  [dt_sc_br /] 20 Albert Street, Johannesburg 2000,[dt_sc_br /] P.O Box 61921[dt_sc_br /] Marshalltown 2109[/dt_sc_contact_info]
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